Your mortgage loan officer should be a part of your team, not just a character you refer loans to and then wipe your hands of the deal. It can benefit you tremendously to be a bit more involved, or at least aware of how your clients mortgages are being handled.

1. Working Towards a Common Goal

When you partner up with a loan officer, they function as an extension of your team. By fostering a stronger relationship you ultimately build a stronger foundation together. A knowledgeable loan officer can ensure approval, and even get your client’s more buying power.

2. Communication

Loan officers will not only go out of their way to get your clients into the best financing, but will follow up on your open house leads and indirectly help promote you.¬†Your loan officers should be responsible for reliable on-time closings and communicating with you and the client frequently. This includes setting up realistic expectations for everyone involved in the process. It’s imperative that expectations are set ahead of time to avoid any confusion.

3. Products

Pick a loan officer and mortgage company that offers the widest array of financial options for your clientele. Mortgage Brokers nearly always have more options thank banks. They can do loans with zero down payments, bad credit, and are well versed in other specialty programs like for example construction loans.

4. Fees

When was the last time you checked your loan officer? When was the last time you looked at one of your client’s mortgages in detail? Imagine how much more satisfaction and trust you could secure from clients by vetting their mortgages more closely. How much were the fees in the mortgage? Were there unnecessary hidden fees? Was the mortgage process open and transparent for your client?

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